A small thing

Last night, I invited one of my roommates to watch movies in the library. As our tastes were quite different,it took us a long time to reach an agreement on which movie to pick up. Finally, we chose “Pretty Woman”. It happened that my friend’s favourite movie “VS Kramer” was on channel just then. So we watched that one first, then the “Pretty Woman”. In this case, 2 hours’ time could hardly be enough to finish the movie. At about 9:30, all the other audiences began to leave except us. We shrugged to each other and prepared to take out the videotape. Just at that moment, the librarian walked towards us. At first, we thought she was coming to ask us to leave. when we immediately told her we were about to go,To our surprise, while smiling, she said: “You two came a bit late; I guess you haven’t finished that “Pretty Woman”, right?” We nodded. “You can go on and I’ll wait. I know watching movie without an ending must be quite painful.” So she went away and did some other picking work. We felt so grateful to her at that moment. Actually, “Pretty Woman” was such a famous movie that its ending was quite familiar to us. It soon got to10:00, but we didn’t know why that the movie was still going on and on. We really began to feel regret for keeping the kind lady waiting for us so long. We turned around and found her keeping a distance away and watching us through the window, with a smile that impressed me so much. She was just the pretty woman in real life and I felt love was just surrounding me.
Actually, love is everywhere in this world. If you observe carefully, you are sure to find some.




add fuel to the fire

I think we should show our objection by leaving the meeting.

add fuel to the fire (火上加油)

I’m afraid the move will only add fuel to the fire.


                       Form a Good Habit
     We can have good habits and bad habits. “Early to bed, early to rise,Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
      This is an old english saying. It tells us that we must go to bed early and get up early. If we do it every day, we shall be healthy, rich and clever. Some people go to bed late at night and get up late in the morning. This is not good for them. We must sleep when it is dark. When daylight comes, we must get up.This is the time for exercise. If the body is not used, it becomes weak. Exercise keeps our body strong.
      If you want to keep healthy, you must form a good habit.




第一步:审题、确定立场、列出理由(只需要在草稿 纸上用英文单词或汉语列出各个理由,防止遗忘)最少3分钟最多5分钟,



用时太少,理由没有想清楚就开始写作,不仅造成文章逻辑结构不清,还会引起行文中频繁 的修正,欲速则不达;




a.各段写作时注意对段落的不同部分给予不同的重视: 主题句给予最大重视,注意炼句,别说你不想写主题句,主题句可以使读者和笔者本人更清晰该段落写什么。

各段中支持性细节写作不必遵循相同的模式: 有n种选择可供参考:1. 举具体事例 2. 说对方相对缺点3. 使用数据 4. 使用假想例子 5. 使用类比、比喻、引用等修辞手段来论述, 哪一种你最容易想出来,就用















World Governments Should Conduct Serious Campaigns against Smoking
         If you smoke and you still don’t believe that there’s a definite link between smoking and bronchial troubles, heart disease and lung cancer, then you are certainly deceiving yourself. No one will accuse you of hypocrisy. Let us just say that you are suffering from a bad case of wishful thinking. This needn’t make you too uncomfortable because you are in good company. Whenever the subject of smoking and health is raised, the governments of most countries hear no evil, see no evil and smell no evil.
      You don’t have to look very far to find out why the official reactions to medical findings have been so lukewarm. The answer is simply money. Tobacco is a wonderful commodity to tax. It’s almost like a tax on our daily bread.
     This is surely the most short-sighted policy you could imagine. While money is eagerly collected in vast sums with one hand, it is paid out in increasingly vaster sums with the other. Enormous amounts are spent on cancer research and on efforts to cure people suffering from the disease. Countless valuable lives are lost. In the long run, there is no doubt that everybody would be much better-off if smoking were banned altogether.
     For a start, governments could begin by banning all cigarette and tobacco advertising and should then conduct antismoking advertising campaigns of their own. Smoking should be banned in all public places like theatres, cinemas and restaurants. Great efforts should be made to inform young people especially of the dire consequences of taking up the habit. A horrific warning–say, a picture of a death’s head–should be included in every packet of cigarettes that is sold. As individuals we are certainly weak, but if governments acted honestly and courageously, they could protect us from ourselves.



How to Use the Library
     A library is a building for a collection of books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers. The books are kept on the shelves in the stack room whereas rihe magazines,journals,etc. in the reading rooms. Modern libraries also have xerox rooms, and computer rooms.
      If you want to borrow books, you can go to the loan desk, look over the correct call numbers in the card catalog and ask the librarian to take them out for you. Or you’re allowed to enter the stack room to find books for yourself, you can look up the bound volume of index for the articles relative to the subject, on which you are going to write a thesis. If the library doesn’t subscribe to the magazine which carries the article you want, you can borrow the magazine from other libraries by means of interlibrary loan service. Don’t forget to show your library card or I.D. card to the librarian before you go into the reading room, where you can read magazines or newspapers. If you find a good article and want to keep it, you can have it duplicated in the xerox room. Besides, if you want to watch films or slides, you can ask the projectionist to play the videotape for you in theaudio-visual room, where you can.also listen to language tapes and music tapes.


launch pad: 发射台



launch pad: 发射台


  The six astronauts shortlisted for the two-member mission have arrived at the launch pad in Inner Mongolia, the China News Service said, citing engineers at the launch center.

  文中的 launch pad 指的是“发射台”,即火箭或太空飞行器发射基地的平台。相关的表达有 helipad(直升飞机起降台),keypad(键盘)等。























  学生在英文作文中存在着大量动词时态的错误,在口语表达上动词时态的错误就更为普遍。因为动词在每句话中都起重要的作用,对时态的正确选择就显得尤为重要。一个美国人很容易判断时态的正确和错误。从语法角度来说,能正确运用动词时态是取得TSE高分的必要条件,动词时态的错误可以分为两类:一类是动词时态错误,比如:He catch a cold last week.其中的catch就是时态错误。第二类是动词时态形式的错误,比如:He catched a cold last week..其中的catched就是动词形式的错误。catch的正确过去式为caught。应该说没有一个美国人能明白catched的意思。正因为动词时态非常重要,本书第四节将对动词时态进行深入的讲解,提供大量的练习并给出常见不规则动词的三种形式。


  中国学生表达思想时往往太空洞。具体来说就是表达思想时只陈述一个中心思想,如谈到一个大学的好坏时,会说“The university has a good library.”“The university has excellent sports facilities.”就此就停止了,而没有据地展开。

   要想避免表达思想内容空洞就一定按照上面大学图书馆一例来把自己的想法展开。需要展开到多细,可以根据你的知识面而定,但这种表达思想的思路是至关重要的,这就是说,文章一定要有细节。现在请你把“The university has excellent sports facilities.”展开。


  在阐述思想时能把中国文化中普遍认同的东西表达出来,却没有能够把中国人为何普遍认同这种东西其背后的原因和条件讲出来。因为美国人对其背后的原因和条件一无所知,就无法明白你想表达的思想观点,甚至会认为你所表达的观点是荒唐的。比如说,一个学生在谈到在中国用什么交通工具最好这一问题时,阐述了这一观点“Only the very wealthy people can afford to buy a car.”为了使美国人真正理解这句话,就必须按下边方法来交代原因和条件:

  The living standard in China is very low. The average monthly income per person even in large and affluent cities is about 100 U.S. dollars. This income is just enough to cover the family expenses, without any money let for savings. Furthermore, cars in China are far more expensive than in the United States. The cheapest car in China would be about 10,000 dollars. Very few people in China can save enough to purchase a car, not to mention the cost of car maintenance.


                  How To Be A Lovely Citizen
      Great changes have taken place in Shanghai and more and more people throughout the world are focusing their attention on Shanghai now. As a citizen of Shanghai, I feel I must spare no efforts to do my bit. First, I decide to help plant more trees to make our city more beautiful. Second, I should obey seven no’s and be good at learning from others. Third, I should study hard so that I can do something better for my city in the future.